Rexy: Fairuzizuan-Zakry can handle pressure at Olympics

KUALA LUMPUR: National doubles chief coach Rexy Mainaky does not think that Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari-Mohd Zakry Latif will get cold feet if they get the nod to make their Olympic debut in Beijing in August. He said that the duo had proved their ability to handle big challenges in the recent Thomas Cup Finals in Jakarta. Then, Fairuzizuan-Zakry kept Malaysia alive in the semi-final tie against China. They won the second doubles match against Guo Zhendong-Xie Xhongbo to level the tie at 2-2. But Malaysi [...]  Read more >

Footwork by Prospeed Cheong Weng Kwai

Footwork by Prospeed Cheong Weng Kwai (Click On Image To Enlarge) Center position-After service, you would usually take up position in the center, where you think the most suitable to take all return shots. Move or shuffle your body a little while waiting for your opponent to return the shot. We called this “dancing.” While dancing, you are actually preparing to push your body easier to hit any shot that comes to you. If you are good in taking a baseline shot and weak in taking drop shot, then you [...]  Read more >

Preparation for tournament

What to prepare for tournament In Malaysia, badminton tournament is organized in different levels, starting from the very basic club tournament to district tournament, the more advance state tournament to national tournament. And badminton tournaments in Malaysia are serious events that need more preparation than normal practice or the 3 times per week recreational play. Good preparation is essential and special attention had to be given to your gears and equipment. As stated below are some of the preparat [...]  Read more >

The right string tension for you

String tension relating to power and control Matching string gauge and tension  In badminton, the direct contact of shuttlecocks when delivering a smash, a shooting loop or even a drop shot is the badminton string. Much of the power in a badminton shot comes from the string. Thus, it is very important to know a little on how the differences in badminton strings and its tension can affect your game. It is all about tension relating to power and control. By adjusting the string tension, you can adjust th [...]  Read more >

Choose the right badminton racket

The contribution of technology on badminton rackets   The contribution of technology on badminton rackets Players do believe that advance technology on rackets had contributed to more speed and power in badminton and had dramatically changes the playing styles. You would not be able to use a wooden racket to play a speed and power game anymore. The trend had moved towards a more considerably lighter rackets to achieve the speed required in badminton and using of hi modulus carbon fiber materials could do [...]  Read more >
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