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    Diamond shape: With its diamond shape design that cut through the air like sword, Bushido X1 and X1L (slightly head heavy) reduces air resistance and produce faster swing for powerful smashes and effective drilling.

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  • USD59.00 In Stock

    Arc Saber shape: With its specially designed racket frame, this construction technology absorbs energy from the shuttles impact to provide the player with perfect feeling during every shot.

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  • USD59.00 In Stock

    Dynamic-Optimum Frame: With its specially designed frame, Cougar X1 and X1L (slightly heavier) provides player with extra swing energy to achieve higher repulsion power and increases shuttle speed.

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Speed & Power

Prospeed badminton rackets

Are you having problems selecting your racquet? Is your racquet too heavy and stiff or is it too light and have no power? Frankly speaking, looking for the right racquet to suit your playing style can sometime be very difficult! We have been selling racquets for more than a decade and we understand all these problems. After spending years of research and development, we have finally successfully developed these excellent Prospeed badminton rackets allowing you to maximize your speed and power.